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Managed Network Security Solutions

Today’s cyber security challenges are more complex than ever before. There is no single solution that is completely effective for protecting your business. In order to protect your business, there needs to be a layered approach to security that in-house measures are no longer enough to keep advanced cybercriminals away. Proactive businesses leverage the advanced security benefits of a cloud-based managed cyber security solution.

  • Advanced anti-virus and endpoint protection

  • Malware detection

  • 24/7/365 SOC monitoring and response

  • Log monitoring

  • Threat intelligence

  • Automated threat remediation

  • Software patching

  • Dual-factor authentication

  • Security and awareness training

  • Phishing simulation and training

  • Darkweb password monitoring and management

  • Advanced spam filtering

  • And more..

Managed Network Security Services

Managed Security offerings permits an organization a quick way to discover and visualize weaknesses in your deployed assets with regularly automated network vulnerability scanning and health monitoring.

Vulnerability Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment Solutions

  • Penetration Testing: IOT Devices, External/Internal Systems

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Compliance/ OWASP/ Industry based scanning

  • Cloud Security Assessments: Cloud Best Practices/  NIST/ ISO/

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